Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double standards adopted by the masses

Hi all

"Innocent Puppy"..."Murder"

What interests me here, is that it is considered murder when one canine has been killed - but it is not murder if millions of chickens or cows were killed? What makes this even more of a joke is the use of the word innocent. Does this mean cows and chickens are not innocent - is this why killing them is not murder?

The only reason killing them is not murder is because of sociatel conditioning, we have grown to regard dogs and cats as being a superior species to say pigs, chickens and cows. Dogs and cats, in the western world, are 'great companions' not 'burgers'. The whole idea is ridiculously illogical, I don't even know where to begin. With what basis do we assume one species is 'better' than the other that we can strip it of its life for no real necessary reason and the other gets to sleep on ones bed?

"But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy." - Plutarch

"Animal rights experts have called this the "most horrific [case of animal cruelty] in Australian history." The video revealed that the two men used garden shears and a pocket knife to cut at the puppy, torturing it before they finally killed it. They first stole the puppy from a house in Railway Parade, Moranbah. Then, they cut off the limbs of the puppy, including its right leg and rear left leg. Then decapitated it. Then cut open its stomach from head to tail. Then cut off it's nose. And then they dumped it on the side of the road. Throughout the torture, the yelps and barks of the puppy are scattered throughout the video, while it was still alive." Yes, this sounds absolutely horrific - barbaric - murderous! As much as my heart yelps in pain for what this dog experienced, I can't help but think of the millions of others who's pain is disregarded in the name of meat and dairy.

Somebody made a comment on the article, stating the following; "This is sad. It is so good to know that no one actually gets away with a crime. It is all seen and registered. There is an accounting."

I am sorry, what? These thugs were charged with $75,000 for the murder of the puppy - yet the murder of millions of animals is legal and accepted. A deathly crime is committed every second of every day - and they get away with it. They will continue getting away with it unless you take a stand.

The only reason meat and dairy exist is because of you, the consumer - demand drives supply, as we are all well aware. Don't buy speciesism - support locally produced wholesome food and clothing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, the irony!

I hate to say it, but I was wrong. This is a rare occurance, so enjoy it whilst you can ;)

Do you all remember Oprah's 21 day Vegan Cleanse? I do. I thought it was fantastic. Her turn to veganism was for the wrong reasons, though - it would seem. All the vegan bloggers and radio hosts who got so excited about this groundbreaking occurance can now sit with their soy lattes and just laugh at the irony.

This is an excerpt from her blog; "...What I'm only now realizing, though, is that while I think about food so much and have used and abused it as a substitute for contentment, I've never been a conscious eater....Oh, I've flirted with the idea of conscious eating—which for me, until recently, meant taking smaller portions, putting down the fork after every bite, not eating to fill emotional voids. But that is just one level of consciousness. Kathy Freston, in her book Quantum Wellness, struck a nerve for me by speaking of a higher level of awareness, what she calls "spiritual integrity."....I learned a lot about how animals are treated and mistreated before they get to our tables. It is appalling and beneath our humanity to allow the torture of animals for the sake of our gluttony. We've neglected basic human decency on such a large scale, and it really does bleed over into every other aspect of life...." Read more here:

I would have thought she would take the Welfareist path after this cleanse and start eating Happy Meat...maybe even go vegetarian....or God forbid, vegan!

But no.

Another interesting article I read this morning was entited
"Fox hunting ban 'harms animal welfare" is an excerpt; "HUNTERS say a new report has "vindicated" their arguments against a ban after it concluded the activity is the most effective way of controlling foxes, and that all arguments of cruelty are "invalid".

The publication states hunting with hounds is "demonstrably the natural and most humane method of control", and there was "never any scientific evidence" to support a ban.

The all-party parliamentary Middle Way Group worked with the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management to produce the document, which concluded the hunting ban of 2004 is "unscientific, unenforceable, socially divisive, and harms, rather than improves, animal welfare".

So, killing foxes is the natural and most humane method? Clearly sterilisation or relocation is barbaric in comparison. It is a wild claim to suggest that death is the most 'effective' way of control. What should we do about all the overpopulation of our species in certain countries? Kill the babies and elderly? It is the most effective way, after all...