Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chocolate Coffee Cream Deliciousness

I made this today....

Design went a bit haywire as should not have unnecessarily used the white icing - but i wanted to try it. Its nicer than the black icing as it isnt shiny, but matte.

Above: My dinner

Above: Cake before I iced it. Looks lovely like that, I reckon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fucking and Punching

Hi all

Carole Pateman writes, "The patriarchal construction of the difference between masculinity and femininity is the political difference between freedom and subjection."

My friend Sarah linked me to this article: Men, Woman Divided Over Sex Bill...."The bill, which is designed to outlaw marital rape, was tabled in the House of Assembly last month." ....."Coralee Clarke told the Journal that although she is not married, she believes that a man is entitled to sex from his wifewhenever he feels like it.
"If a man wants to have sex with his wife he is supposed to [have sex with her] regardless of what the circumstances [are]. I don’t see why he should be charged with raping his own wife, she is never supposed to say no," said Ms. Clarke."
This article is from the Bahamas but don't be fooled this mindset also still exists in the US and Europe. It was not until the late 1970's that most states in the US did not consider spousal rape a crime. And up until 1993, North Carolina Law stated; "A person may not be prosectuted under this article if the victim is the persons legal spouse at the time of the commission of the alleged rapeor sexual offense unless the parties are living seperate or apart". Currently in 7 states in the US, if spousal rape were to occur, the punishment is now 2 to 10 years imprisonment whereas rape - not within marriage is 10 - 35 years imprisonment! Non spousal rape also has a shorter reporting timeframe. Furthermore, for example, in Tennesse, it is only considered spousal rape if it is committed with a weapon, causes bodily injury to the other person or if the other person has filed for divorce/living seperate.

So incredibly backward! I think it is good that we have (are) making progress in eliminating the law saying intermarriage rape is ok - but the fact that there are clear distinctions between non spousal/spousal rape is bewildering. All rape is rape. No means no by either party!

Though, I find it amusing and saddeing how some believe she (the wife) is never supposed to say no. She should want her pussy to be fucked as it is her mans right.

What I find very interesting about this article is how hyped up and amazed people get over it, yet we fail to realise that such exploitative mindset exists, interwoven into our current society whether we realise it, or not. I have been beginning to question such things like - why DO women feel incomplete without makeup, why DO women need heels in order to feel sexy? Why is our culture designed in such a way that the commodification of our bodies is so entrenched as being normal that it is never questioned? Why do we commodify ourselves and consider it empowering? Do we consider when we commodify ourselves that we are perhaps disempowering other women?

And it all comes down to this Patriarchal bullshit society of ours.

Pretty object (animal/female) vs. Woman of substance at equal level as man

Very good excerpt from 'Feminists for Animal Rights'

In patriarchal society women and animals are….

raped, beaten, hated, enslaved as pets
exploited as wives, sold for money, used
for entertainment, cheap labor, sex experiments...

In patriarchal society women and animals are
inferior, "cute," childish, uncontrollable,
emotional, impulsive, instinctive, irrational,
evil, property, objects...

In patriarchal society women and animals are
referred to as…
chicks, bitches, pussies, foxes, dogs,
cows, beavers, birds, bunnies, kittens
sows, lambs, shrews, geese, fillies,
bats, crows, heifers, vixens...

Every year in the United States alone…
Billions of animals are enslaved, tortured and murdered in
"animal agriculture," vivisection laboratories, the
entertainment industry, by hunters and fishers,
in traps and on fur farms, and by other modes of
human exploitation

*Our use of the term "animals" is a concession to common usage and is not intended to suggest the idea that humans are not also animals.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Activism

On Saturday, I attended a VEGAN BAKE OFF at the Anarchist Bookstore in Northcote, Melbourne. My cake won Best Dressed (oooer!) and came second in Best Tasting! WOO! I do not see why, though....EVERYONES cake was incredible. This is what I call activism, if only more non vegans knew of this (a future note!) :)

Check out the pics below!

^^ A few cakes from the bake off! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

^^ Amazing Rainbow Cake! I was so amazed at the perfection of colours....and the taste was divine. Perfect consistency and the icing reminded me of kids parties.

^^ Good cake, sweet presentation and good flavour all round!

^^ This won best tasting - and well deserved! I was mighty impressed by presentation and taste.

^^ I liked these. But I tried them after I had heaps of cake so i liked them less than I normally would have. Cheryl, however loved them.

^^ OMG PIRATE SHIP! I didn't actually eat this...I am unsure as to who did.

^^ This one was put on fire!

^^ The cake at the back is the cashew/chocolate cream pie which was ridiculously nommy! Teeny bit bitter but nothing a bit of agave or less intense dark choc couldn't solve - I think it should have won a prize.

^^ Mine is the black and white one.

^^ Me with my prize! (yes, i realise I am exceeding the lame-ness factor)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Answer to Global Warming: Eat Camels!

Hi all

I read this article in regards to the growing camel population issue in Australia. Naturally, our response is violence. After all, civilised behaviour is beyond us.

Read some interesting excerpts from the article:

"The animals, which now number more than one million, are destroying fragile ecosystems and trampling all over indigenous sacred sites. They foul ancient water holes and chomp through the boughs of endangered native trees.

Travelling in large, aggressive packs, they prevent Aboriginal women from venturing into the countryside, for fear of being attacked or trampled.

The situation is expected to get worse, with the camel population predicted to double every eight to 10 years unless action is taken.

The problem has grown so large that the Australian government recently pledged £10 million towards developing a camel control plan, which is expected to involve shooting them from helicopters.

His viewpoint is supported by environmentalists, who say that lean camel meat is not only healthier than beef and lamb but that by eating a beast known as "the ship of the desert" Australians would be doing their bit for climate change and conservation."

This article compells me to go buy a camel hump right now for dinner. After all, I would love to do my bit for climate change!

But in all seriousness, this article reminds me of just one thing - our species. Our species are the most destructive. We destroy natural ecosystems, trample over indigenous sacred sites, foul ancient water holes, destroy endangered native trees - and so much more!

Really, it would be morally consistent for those supporting this culling - or any culling of any species - to also support the culling of our own, given how destructive and damaging we are. Unwanted babies, vegetables and useless old folk should - by the culling logic, go.

This whole thing reminds me of a previous post regarding selective speciesism. Remember the puppy who was killed by two thugs? He was poured with love and affection by the masses. He even got surgery and thugs fined $75,000!
Or Michael Vick's dog fighting - the mass opposition and jail sentence he faced for his actions displayed the disapproval from everyone for his 'bad' deeds.

But, why is it that puppies and cats are given such high regard if they are hurt, whereas camels, kangaroos, chickens, cows, pigs, foxes is ok?

Logically it makes no sense. It is merely a nonsensical decision humans have made and over time it has manifested into the norm.

In my opinion, if you can justify culling a species because it is being destructive - you should be comfortable with the killing of ANY species, be it cute puppies or kittens as well as your own kind.

I am growing mighty tired of this ridiculous violent species that I am a part of. It is disheartening that we cannot stop and think of sterilisation of our first option or relocation rather than to kill and furthermore commodify the beings by wishing to create a 'sustainable agribusiness' from them. What's even more enraging is the final line of this article;

"Camels were imported into Australia from the Canary Islands in 1840."

We started this. We introduced them - now THEY have to pay for our actions. Typical.