Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My bum is on fire

Hi everyone

Live Export
The live export issue has been a pretty hot topic the last few days after the Four Corners segment on abuse in Indonesia. I tried to watch it on Youtube but it made me too depressed, so I couldn't watch the whole thing. There have been some major discussions online in regards to the banning of live export and I am still left feeling a little confused as to my position.

It is a tough topic because banning live export simply means we are supporting the slaughter to happen here, albeit in a more 'humane' manner. Consumers will simply feel more comfortable with their choices. However, on the other side of the coin, how can we justify not supporting the cause? If it were us - surely we would want someone to help us to be killed with 'less pain' if we were going to be killed anyway? I have concluded from all the conversations online that it takes all sorts to make 'the movement' and we should do what we are comfortable doing.

I am not comfortable being personally involved. The only campaigns I can justify being part of would be ones which promote the idea of perceiving animals differently, not bettering their treatment. I believe it is a personal choice where we put our energy and efforts towards and should not judge others for making different choices to us.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vegan Easter Ideas

Hi guys

Here are some vegan Easter ideas and where to get them in Australia!

Hot Cross Buns

Available from Woolworths, $4.98. The ones from Coles contain Gelatine. Many organic varieties from health food stores are also vegan. Some chocolate and mocha flavoured can be vegan, too - so check the label!

Ashmore's Strawberries in Dark Chocolate

Available from Myers & David Jones (usually sold in a 'christmas cracker' shaped container, rather than a box). $10-$15.

Pink Lady Eggs and Bunny

Available from Sweet As/Myer/David Jones, $5-$20

Booja Booja Organic Truffles

Available from Health food stores or Cruelty Free Shop, $15-$20 a box

KRAS Cherry Liqueur Chocolate Box

Available from Coles/Safeway in the International Foods section, $5-$7. Some stores do not stock this, so ensure to call first to check.

Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Thins box and Egg

Available from Coles/Woolies/SUPA IGA/Myer/David Jones, $10-15

Sweet Williams Easter Bunnies

Available from Woolworths, Leos, Coles and SUPA IGA (suggest calling to confirm), $4-6

Koko Blacks Truffles

Available from Koko Blacks. Pistachio/marzipan, Mint Fondant and caramelised oranges, $2-2.50each. Can be put into gift boxes - a great gift! The raspberry sorbet martini with pistachio and chocolate is also is all their other dark chocolate gift bags and coffee etc.

Lindt Dark Easter bunny

Available from most supermarkets, $4 - $6. The Lindt chocolate eggs are also vegan and available from most outlets.

Choceur Marzipan Eggs and Bunny

Available from ALDI, $3.99+

The Simpsons Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Jellies

Available at Target (please call to confirm - this item can be a little difficult to find).

Alpha Confectionery

Available at David Jones and many specialty/health/sweet stores. For those in Perth, I know these are at the SUPA IGA in Wanneroo and Kosher Mart in Menora. Most Jewish shops sell Alpha Chocolates...but not really the Easter speciality items, SUPA IGA is the best bet.

Sorini Mint Truffles

Available from Reject Shop, $3

Kirsch Cherries Gift Box

Coco Chocolate in Sydney, $35 (can also order online)

Constant Craving Chocolate Egg with Truffles inside!

Available from Cruelty Free Shop, $17.99 or through Constant Craving

Bonvita Organic Chocolate Egg and Easter Eggs

Available from The Vegan Store
Mini Easter Eggs from Gluten Free Shop

I have only mentioned a handful. There are many vegan chocolates in supermarkets - but for a larger range, I strongly recommend David Jones/Myer and if you are in Melbourne, Radical Grocery.