Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegan Xmas Chocolate Ideas!

Hi everyone

I decided it is time to steer this blog away from the negativity it has been engaged in, as of late. My blog was never designed to become involved in petty internet arguments - alas, I just can't help but respond when someone says something about Phil or myself, grr! I'm not cut out for all of this debating - i'd much rather theorise about cheesecake consistency or the best type of cappucino froth.

I love Xmas! No, really, I do. I like decorating my home in festive decorations and doing the whole tree and present thing. As materialistic as it may be, it's! Indeed, I have the 'The Virus' (Read: Affluenza) - but at least I am aware of it ;)

I have put together some ideas for vegan chocolate presents. Chocolate is the best kind of present as you can give it to anyone and as an added bonus, it is a really great 'how can this be vegan' conversation starter! For me, chocolate is a vital part of my life. I see it as a core part of vegan mainstreaming (That is what I tell myself to justify my mass consumption of it hahaha).

Coco Chocolate (Store in Sydney, deliver Australia wide)

Coco specialises in Fine Organic Chocolate. Coco only sells 'real chocolate'; that is chocolate with high cocoa content and all of the expensive & delicious cocoa butter.
Coco Chocolate is made by our artisan chocolatiers in Australia & Scotland using the finest ingredients. We hand temper our chocolate on marble slabs and create a range of stunning chocolates with fruits, spices and peppers. We are advocates of organic farming, ethical trading and non GM ingredients.

Anthon Berg Liqueur Chocolate Gift Boxes
(Available in all major department stores - Big W, Kmart & Target)

Various types of dark chocolate gift boxes are available in the Anthon Berg range. The cream cocktail range is also vegan.

Sacred Chocolate (Raw, Deliver Australia wide)
Sacred Chocolate® is hand made with much love, gratitude, and high “phi-bration" in a small custom-designed, certified organic, vegan, kosher, halal, carbon balanced factory in San Rafael, California. We are committed to providing the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate, and educating people on the super-food properties of RAW chocolate.


  • Patons dark chocolate toffee macadamia gift box (MYERS)
  • Strawberry dipped in chocolate truffle gift box (MYERS) (looks like a christmas cracker)
  • KOKO Blacks pistachio truffle, mint truffle and caramelised chocolate orange (Applies to Melbournians only. Great in a gift box)
  • SAN CHURROS rose truffle, hot chocolate gift packs, almond chocolate gift boxes (Applies to Melbournians only)
  • Walkers dark chocolate mint, rum & raisin & ginger gift box (Available in Kmart)
  • Guylian Solitare gift box (Available from MYERS)
  • Chocolatier dark chocolate thin gift box (Available in all leading department stores)
  • Booja Booja gift boxes (Available from health food stores or buy online at Vegan Perfection)
  • Alpha Confectionary gift boxes (Available from MYERS, David Jones and various other stores)
  • Constant Craving Truffles (Available only by online order - really bad website though!)
  • Ballantyne Ginger Lovers gift box (Available from most super markets and department stores)
  • Loving Earth Raw Chocolate (Raw. Available from many health food stores)
  • Lindt /Whittakers / Pink Lady Dark Chocolate bars
  • David Jones dark chocolate range

There are, of course many more! If it says dark chocolate - check the label! If there are any mistakes in this list, please email me.

I hope I have helped you with some chocolate gift ideas for all occasions! Remember, we can mainstream veganism one truffle at a time :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vegan Products List (Available in Australia)

Hi everyone

Here is a list of all the items available in stores that happen to be vegan*. I encourage you to add to my list or inform me if something is wrong, so I may publish this as a PDF for distribution. If I have not mentioned where to buy these, then this implies they are available in most supermarkets.

*(This list may; 1) Include items which have been processed on equipment which also produces dairy/egg products 2) Include companies that are not vegan themselves (P&G, for example) 3) And, may contain palm oil. It is up to you where you draw the line. Take soy milk, for example. Vitasoy is owned by National Foods who also produce dairy products. However, I strongly believe in supporting any non vegan company's vegan product. By increasing demand for their vegan products, we are assisting in the mainstreaming of veganism. This list is not to discourage supporting the 100% vegan companies, but rather, this list is designed to simply make your life easier :-D)

Cheese/Cold Dairy
1) Tofutti Cheese slices (Supa IGA, some Coles/Woolies or Cruelty Free Shop Online)
2) Tofutti Cream Cheese (Some supermarkets and speciality stores or Cruelty Free Shop Online)
3) Tofutti Sour Cream (Some supermarkets and speciality stores or Cruelty Free Shop Online)
4) Sheese Vegan cheese (Strong 'cheddar', smoked, edam from Radical Grocery)
5) Kingland or Soygurt soy yoghurts (note: soy life yoghurt is not vegan)
6) Rich's and Hadars vegan cream - BEST cream you will ever use (Kosher supermarkets and speciality stores)
7) Vegan Margarine (Nuttelex, Coles margarine spread, 5 STAR Margarine)

1) Praise fatfree mayo
2) Masterfoods bacon bits
3) Birds eye corn fritters
4) Homebrand (Woolworths) garlic bread
5) Coles and Aldi onion rings
6) Coles salt and vinegar chips (BBQ is TBC)
7) Kettle salt and vinegar chips
8) Coles Hot Cross buns
9) Masterfoods traditional tartare sauce
10) Massel brand 'chicken' and 'beef' stock cubes and powder
11) Coles Worcestershire sauce
12) Gravox traditional gravox
13) Pringles texas bbq and bacon flavoured chips
14) Healtheries poato stix, chicken and potato flavours
15) Herbert Adams vegetable pies
16) Coles veggie spring rolls
17) IGA brand BBQ 'pringles'
18) Aldi onion rings
19) SPC spaghetti
20) Massel Supreme gravy
21) French fries (plain and salt and vinegar)
22) Dashan samosas and vegetable spring rolls
23) Salada (original, wholemeal, multigrain, saltine)
24) Vita Wheat (original, 9 grain, sesame, soy and linseed, cracked pepper)
25) Water Crackers (original, sesame, cracked pepper)
26) Lemon crisp
27) Heinz 8 vegetable soup and vegetable barley soup
28) IGA olive bread
29)- Kraft Peanut Butter (Smooth & Crunchy)
- Kraft Light Peanut Spread (Smooth & Crunchy)
- French Classic Dressing
- Balsamic Italian Dressing
- Italian Classic Dressing
- Free Balsamic Italian Dressing
- Free French Dressing
- Free Italian Dressing
- Vegemite
- Tomato & Basil Deli Spread
- Capsicum & Chilli Deli Spread
- Roasted Eggplant & Garlic Deli Spread"
30) Lazuppa Soup range (sweet corn, spinach and capsicum, minestrone, lentil, capsicum)
31) Tasty Bite Indian microwavable meals (Coles and Woolworths)
32) Osem Chicken Flavour Noodle Soups (Specialty stores and Kosher supermarkets)
33) Vegetarian Oyster Sauce (Cruelty Free Shop Online)

Mock Meats
1) FRYS range (Sausages, beef patties, chicken schnitzels, cottage pies) (Woolworths) (For their extended range you will need to go to a Kosher Mart. They also sell polony, beef strips, mince etc)
2) Sanitarium veggie hot dogs, veggie roast, nut meat, casserole mince
3) Red wood mock meats range (bacon rashers, pepperoni/ham slices)

1) Cottees thick and rich chocolate topping
2) Coles brand strawberry topping (Coles)
3) Cadbury drinking chocolate (and many other brands)
4) Quick set Aeroplane Jelly
5) Pre-made jelly available in cold section (green only, red contains carmine)
6) BIG W frog lollies (BIG W)
7) BOLS licorice bullets, hard jube lollies, lemon sherberts, rainbow laces, sour straps (it was believed that their soft jubes, mint leaves and wildberries were vegan but they are NOT anymore)(KMART)
8) Black and Gold milk bottle lollies (SUPA IGA)
9) Starburst jellybeans
10) Skittles (this is not confirmed, as the coating may contain Shellac - TBC)
11) Coles choc mint crunch lollies (Coles)
12) Pez bonbons
13) Chupa chup fruit lollipops
14) Sherbies lollies (TBC)
15) Fruit tingles
16) Mentos
17) Nannas Lite Apple Pies and Mixed Berry Apple Pies
18) Darrellea licorice (most flavours)
19) Lifesavers
20) Aldi breakfast muffins (TBC)(Aldi)
21) Golden Days sesame snaps in plain and dark chocolate
22) X-treme sour straps (cola, strawberry)
23) Greens Lolly Gobble bliss bombs (original and butterscoth)
24) Candies Marshmallows (Cruelty Free Shop Online)
25) VANS Waffles (Health food stores such as Habibs on Flinders St or

1) Homebrand/Black and Gold vanilla, butter and chocolate cake mix, pikelet mix, custard mix
2) Homebrand dark cooking compound chocolate
3) Pampas pastry (puff, shortcrust)
4) Sweet William dairy free choc chips (Health food shops or Cruelty Free Shop Online)
5) White chocolate chips (Kosher supermarkets or Cruelty Free Shop Online)
6) Aldi Blueberry muffin mix (As well as many other cake mixes in stores. Especially in the health food sections)
7) Condensed Soy MIlk (Go Vita in KNOX City, various health food stores or Cruelty Free Shop Online)
8) Orgran Egg Replacer (most supermarket health aisles or Cruelty Free Shop Online)

1) Guylian Solitaire chocolates (Myers)
2) Lindt dark chocolate blocks (72% and above)
3) Whittakers dark chocolate blocks (dark ghana, zesty orange (TBC), rum & raisin)
4) Odense marzipan (Myers and David Jones)
5) Blackwood Lane marzipan (Myers and David Jones)
6) Aldi Moser Roth dark chocolate (chilli, almond/orange, mint, plain) (Aldi)
7) Anna's ginger lays
8) Mrs Mays nut clusters (TBC)
9) Alpha confectionary range (Alex's Kosher Supermarket in Caulfield)
10)Bonbar dark chocolate and coconut bar (Health food stores, Lord of the fries)
11) Bonbar dark chocolate and nougat bar (Health food stores, Lord of the fries)
12) Sweet William chocolate spread
13) Cocoa Rhapsody bars (Serious Dark, Dark Nut Cove, 70%, Jaffa, Mint Condition, GingerSpiced. Visit their website)
14) Constant Craving chocolates (Coffee, Scorched Almond, Jaffa Delight, Toffee Crunch, Coconut Rough and Apricot Dream. Visit their website)
15) Eden Handmade chocolates (White, Dark or "Milk" varieties. Email them for info on delivery in Aus:
16) Sweet William dairy free chocolate bars and multi packs (Some Woolworths/Coles)
17) Chocolatier dark chocolate thins (Kmart / Target)
18) Pink Lady dark chocolate (Myers)
19) Cocolo dark premium chocolate (Woolworths/Coles)
20) Ballantyne Giner Lovers (most supermarkets and chocolate shops)
21) Plamil organic premium chocolate (organic shops)
22) Artisse organic dark chocolate
23) Booja Booja organic truffles (Around Midnight Espresso, Hazelnut Crunch Rocher, Ginger Wine, French Champagne, Cognac Flambeed Banana. Buy from: Vegan Perfection)
24) Loving Earth raw chocolate bars (most organic/health food shops)
25) Loving earth raw chocolate spread (most organic/health food shops)
26) Lindt Swiss Thins (David Jones)
27) Walkers after dinner mints, chocolate mint leaves (BIG W, Kmart)
28) White chocolate chips (Kosher supermarkets or Cruelty Free Shop Online)
29) KRAS boxed cherry liqueur dark chocolates (Coles - International Foods section)
30) Reject Shop cherry liqueur dark chocolates (Reject Shop)
31) Reject Shop dark chocolate mint truffles (Reject Shop)
32) Personal favourite: Coco Chocolate, Superior Organic Handmade Chocolates (Buy vegan gift boxes, hampers, blocks - very high quality, great for gifts)

1) Oreos (original) (strawberry contains carmine)
2) Arnotts raspberry shortcake biscuits
3) Arnotts lemon slice biscuits
4) Arnotts choc ripple biscuits
5) Arnotts nice biscuits
6) Hob Nobs biscuits
7) KRAS Napolitanke wafers (all flavours - but not the one in the bigger packet, only the ones in the smaller packs)
8) Homebrand gingernut biscuits
9) Eskal scottish shortbread (International foods section in Coles/Woolies)
10) Aldi Spekulatius biscuits (Aldi)
11) BBQ Shapes
12) Coles freshly baked ANZAC biscuits (Coles)

1) Nutrigrain
2) Cocopops
3) Rice Bubbles
4) Weetbix choc malt bites
5) Cheerios (TBC)

1) Frosty fruits (NO LONGER VEGAN, now contains gelatine)
2) Most icy poles such as Lifesavers, Twin Pole etc
3) So Good chocolate, vanilla, chai latte (now discontinued), strawberry
4) Kosher STREETS brand sells vegan magnums, cornettos, icecream tubs (Buy from Alex's Supermarket in Caulfield, Victoria or Kosher Mart in Menora, Perth)
5) Spoil me raw (raw, available in health food shops only)
6) Nushies icecream (raw, available in health food shops only)
7) Calippos
8) Gelativo dairy-free fruit sorbet
9) Weis fruit flavoured sorbet

Refer to: Vegetarian Network Victoria's Alcohol List

Whats Not Vegan That Used To Be
Apart from the obvious ;)

1) Soy Life yoghurt (contains animal derived vitamin D)
2) Soy milks containing vitamin D
3) BOLS soft jubes, wildberries and mint leaves
4) Frosty Fruits