Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegan Xmas Chocolate Ideas!

Hi everyone

I decided it is time to steer this blog away from the negativity it has been engaged in, as of late. My blog was never designed to become involved in petty internet arguments - alas, I just can't help but respond when someone says something about Phil or myself, grr! I'm not cut out for all of this debating - i'd much rather theorise about cheesecake consistency or the best type of cappucino froth.

I love Xmas! No, really, I do. I like decorating my home in festive decorations and doing the whole tree and present thing. As materialistic as it may be, it's! Indeed, I have the 'The Virus' (Read: Affluenza) - but at least I am aware of it ;)

I have put together some ideas for vegan chocolate presents. Chocolate is the best kind of present as you can give it to anyone and as an added bonus, it is a really great 'how can this be vegan' conversation starter! For me, chocolate is a vital part of my life. I see it as a core part of vegan mainstreaming (That is what I tell myself to justify my mass consumption of it hahaha).

Coco Chocolate (Store in Sydney, deliver Australia wide)

Coco specialises in Fine Organic Chocolate. Coco only sells 'real chocolate'; that is chocolate with high cocoa content and all of the expensive & delicious cocoa butter.
Coco Chocolate is made by our artisan chocolatiers in Australia & Scotland using the finest ingredients. We hand temper our chocolate on marble slabs and create a range of stunning chocolates with fruits, spices and peppers. We are advocates of organic farming, ethical trading and non GM ingredients.

Anthon Berg Liqueur Chocolate Gift Boxes
(Available in all major department stores - Big W, Kmart & Target)

Various types of dark chocolate gift boxes are available in the Anthon Berg range. The cream cocktail range is also vegan.

Sacred Chocolate (Raw, Deliver Australia wide)
Sacred Chocolate® is hand made with much love, gratitude, and high “phi-bration" in a small custom-designed, certified organic, vegan, kosher, halal, carbon balanced factory in San Rafael, California. We are committed to providing the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate, and educating people on the super-food properties of RAW chocolate.


  • Patons dark chocolate toffee macadamia gift box (MYERS)
  • Strawberry dipped in chocolate truffle gift box (MYERS) (looks like a christmas cracker)
  • KOKO Blacks pistachio truffle, mint truffle and caramelised chocolate orange (Applies to Melbournians only. Great in a gift box)
  • SAN CHURROS rose truffle, hot chocolate gift packs, almond chocolate gift boxes (Applies to Melbournians only)
  • Walkers dark chocolate mint, rum & raisin & ginger gift box (Available in Kmart)
  • Guylian Solitare gift box (Available from MYERS)
  • Chocolatier dark chocolate thin gift box (Available in all leading department stores)
  • Booja Booja gift boxes (Available from health food stores or buy online at Vegan Perfection)
  • Alpha Confectionary gift boxes (Available from MYERS, David Jones and various other stores)
  • Constant Craving Truffles (Available only by online order - really bad website though!)
  • Ballantyne Ginger Lovers gift box (Available from most super markets and department stores)
  • Loving Earth Raw Chocolate (Raw. Available from many health food stores)
  • Lindt /Whittakers / Pink Lady Dark Chocolate bars
  • David Jones dark chocolate range

There are, of course many more! If it says dark chocolate - check the label! If there are any mistakes in this list, please email me.

I hope I have helped you with some chocolate gift ideas for all occasions! Remember, we can mainstream veganism one truffle at a time :)



Anonymous said...

Right. So...this is AMAZING!

I LOVE your blog. THANKYOU for this chocolate list! you have made my life so much easier this xmas!!

By the way, dw about those idiots. They don't seem to understand, that because you perceived that video as not violent - that doesnt make you 'pro violence' - nor does it make you a 'welfarist' because you choose to assist EM! Not doing so would be SO counter productive, you have direct communication to guide and assist them - so why wouldn't you!

Also, this whole violence thing is crazy. I'm not pro ahimsa like you are Amy - because there are people in the world who on a daily business rape children, cut womens vagina's out and murder for fun - they will not give a fuck about non violent communication. I think (and i think ur on the same page as this) that violence is to be avoided as much as possible, but engaged when necessary such as self defence etc. But I take it one step further and think that anyone who continually tortures humans and animals, should just be killed - they provide nothing to the world.


love ur blog.


Phil said...


"But I take it one step further and think that anyone who continually tortures humans and animals, should just be killed - they provide nothing to the world."

I couldn't agree more with this last statement, and naturally everything you said before it. There are far too many humans on this planet already and too many of them don't deserve the air they breath for reasons you have already stated.