Sunday, October 25, 2009

Calling for the divinity to prevail!!

Hi everyone

My friend Tom sent me an article about how South Africa are wanting to slaughter ten cows to 'bless' the ten stadiums for the World Cup.

Mkiva states, "We must have a cultural ceremony of some sort, where we are going to slaughter a beast. We sacrifice the cow for this great achievement and we call on our ancestors to bless, to grace, to ensure that all goes well. It's all about calling for the divinity to prevail for a fantastic atmosphere,”

The whole thing baffles me. How can humans consider the slaughter of an innocent animal be a method to call upon the divine? How can we be so void of rational thought or compassion that we fail to see what we are really doing?

I say these South African officials need to go buy some FRY's Chicken Schnitzels or Sanitarium Hot Dogs and have a BBQ! I am sure that would generate more delusional blessings than their cow slaughter ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is what we need more of...

I found this article entitled; Turn Over a New Leaf, Vegan Diets are Moving More Solidly into Mainstream.

This article had an almost orgasmic reaction from me. This is what we should ALL be aiming for.

Here's a snippet of the article; "But forget the things you've heard about this type of cooking being boring and tasteless. Vegan gourmet is in, and that's no tofu baloney.

Vegan cookbooks, complete with glossy, gastro-glam pictures and sassy attitude, are sprouting like wheatgrass.

BabyCakes, a high-profile
Manhattan vegan bakery, and other upscale vegan confection shops have propelled the vegan baking movement into the mainstream."

"As recently as five years ago, a vegan diet was considered alternative and radical," says Mary Lawrence, owner of Well On Wheels, a Connecticut-based personal-chef service that provides vegan meals prepared in clients' homes. "Now, with the new emphasis on healthy lifestyles, people are more open and interested."

Lawrence, who also teaches vegan cooking classes, says the availability of ingredients and meat alternatives has made vegan eating an easier choice."

This is what we need to be aiming for in our community - mainstreaming veganism into the norm! By doing so, we will encourage others to adopt it and learn the reasoning behind it. In sending death threats or putting slaughterhouses on fire, we create the image that we are indeed extreme, radical and violent. People like Pip with her delicious food blog...or Tart n Round cafe on High St, they do more for our cause than that PeTA donation or violent behaviour. I know I have said this over a million times, but some people just don't get it!



Monday, October 5, 2009

Un-Australian To Not Eat A Non Human


My freakishly annoying friends are back at it again! It seems that now they are offering to pay the Police Department in Vallego to drive with PETA signage on their cars. What signage you ask? Well, it wouldn't be Peta if it were not scantily clad women on the cars. The signage doesn't look as bad as some of their campaigns, but it is not helpful, either. The only response Peta will get from this is 'Fuck Vegans'. My tolerance level of this ridiculous organisation is at an all time low. With SO much money, why can they not do something useful for the AR movement as opposed to making a mockery of it?

On another note, does anyone remember those Australia day ads from 2005 which basically said if you do not eat lambs on Australia day, you are Un-Australian? I heard on the radio today they are thinking of bringing those ads back. It is media like this which perpetuates the idea that veganism is extreme and/or weird. It is media like this which provide all the more reason for us to mainstream our ways and promote a positive image.

For those of you who have forgotten the ad...

Script in English
SFX: Advance Australia Fair

Sam: There’s nothing worse than being un-Australian. I should know, I’ve been Australian all my life. And
I’m sickened by the creeping tide of un-Australianism eroding our great traditions, like our custom of eating Lamb on Australia Day. Un-Australianism is everywhere. For example, people wearing those plastic, brightly-coloured flip-flop shoes with flowers on them. What’s wrong with rubber thongs in simple primary colours? If I hear another person say “thong”, when they mean those swimming costumes poncey Brazilian blokes wear up their bums, I’ll do my block. Sadly, the scourge of un-Australianism has even infected our national day. A balanced Australia Day diet should consist of a few nice, juicy lamb chops and beer. (And perhaps a bit of pavlova for those with a sweet tooth). Yet your long-haired, dole-bludging types are indulging their pierced tastebuds in all manner of exotic, foreign, often vegetarian cuisine: chicken burger value meals, pizzas, a number 42 with rice… It’s an absolute disgrace. And people ask why we need capital punishment. Do you think the diggers in the trenches were fighting for tofu sausages? No, they were thinking of grabbing a lamb chop off the barbie with their bare fingers, sustaining third degree burns, then sticking their hands into a relieving esky to fish out a cold one. Look at our national song, Waltzing Matilda. It’s about a bloke trying to get a nice bit of lamb into his tuckerbag, not spicy chicken wings. The soap-avoiding, pot-smoking, hippy vegetarians may disagree with me, but they can get stuffed. They know the way to the airport, and if they don’t I’ll show them. So the message is clear – even for you backpackers: roll out the barbie, ensure the gas bottle’s filled, stack the fridge full of lamb, and prepare the invitation list.
So don’t be un-Australian - serve lamb on Australia Day. You know it makes sense. I’m Sam Kekovich.
Brief Explanation
In a spoof of a party political broadcast, we give Australians a funny reminder that it would be un-Australian to celebrate our national day without eating lamb.

Personally, I find this highly offensive because I refuse to be labelled Un-Aussie because I do not support violence. In fact, I think it is fair to say as a vegan i am more Aussie since I truly believe in giving EVERYONE a 'fair go' ;)

Favourite Movie Junk Food!

It is an unwritten Universal law that all beings must have a junky snack at the movies. Below are my favourites in order of preference!

#1: Coke and Popcorn. A must. Generally popcorn is vegan as to cut costs they use salt/oil flavouring or nature identical butter flavouring which means the flavour is chemically synthethised as opposed to derived from the original source. Personally, I prefer the salt/oil combo and like to steer clear of the nature identical flavouring but I am not too pedantic about it. Hoyts/Greater Union/Grand Cinemas are safe from when I last checked.

#2: Either Bacon Pringles or Texas BBQ rock my socks if I cannot have popcorn. Or maybe I can have popcorn and I will have these as well. Whoa. They even have a little checkbox at the back assuring the buyer they are indeed vegan. Some vegans argue that the company who make this are evil thus supporting them is not morally acceptable. I disagree, I think, consumers need to support any vegan product - no matter who makes it, because it is increasing demand for vegan products as opposed to doing nothing.

#3: Hard Jubes. I love them really hard and chewy. And that is what you get for AU$1 at KMART.

#4: FRYS Peppermint Cream Chocolate Bars. They also come in orange and plain cream. Simply delicious - but one is never enough. Usually find these at random petrol stations, SUPA IGA's & Woolies.
#5: Arnotts Choc Ripple. These are too delicious and a great Ninja Vegan product! I can demolish this packet in under 1 second. True story.

#6: Chupa Chups. Its between these and Skittles. I choose these because they last for ages and the flavours are so intense! I love orange and cola the most.

Friday, October 2, 2009

ZOMG! Soyshorts

Thanks to Phil, I am now a proud owner of 3 pairs of SOYSHORTS! They come in an adorable Hessian bag!