Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is what we need more of...

I found this article entitled; Turn Over a New Leaf, Vegan Diets are Moving More Solidly into Mainstream.

This article had an almost orgasmic reaction from me. This is what we should ALL be aiming for.

Here's a snippet of the article; "But forget the things you've heard about this type of cooking being boring and tasteless. Vegan gourmet is in, and that's no tofu baloney.

Vegan cookbooks, complete with glossy, gastro-glam pictures and sassy attitude, are sprouting like wheatgrass.

BabyCakes, a high-profile
Manhattan vegan bakery, and other upscale vegan confection shops have propelled the vegan baking movement into the mainstream."

"As recently as five years ago, a vegan diet was considered alternative and radical," says Mary Lawrence, owner of Well On Wheels, a Connecticut-based personal-chef service that provides vegan meals prepared in clients' homes. "Now, with the new emphasis on healthy lifestyles, people are more open and interested."

Lawrence, who also teaches vegan cooking classes, says the availability of ingredients and meat alternatives has made vegan eating an easier choice."

This is what we need to be aiming for in our community - mainstreaming veganism into the norm! By doing so, we will encourage others to adopt it and learn the reasoning behind it. In sending death threats or putting slaughterhouses on fire, we create the image that we are indeed extreme, radical and violent. People like Pip with her delicious food blog...or Tart n Round cafe on High St, they do more for our cause than that PeTA donation or violent behaviour. I know I have said this over a million times, but some people just don't get it!



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