Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Activism

On Saturday, I attended a VEGAN BAKE OFF at the Anarchist Bookstore in Northcote, Melbourne. My cake won Best Dressed (oooer!) and came second in Best Tasting! WOO! I do not see why, though....EVERYONES cake was incredible. This is what I call activism, if only more non vegans knew of this (a future note!) :)

Check out the pics below!

^^ A few cakes from the bake off! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

^^ Amazing Rainbow Cake! I was so amazed at the perfection of colours....and the taste was divine. Perfect consistency and the icing reminded me of kids parties.

^^ Good cake, sweet presentation and good flavour all round!

^^ This won best tasting - and well deserved! I was mighty impressed by presentation and taste.

^^ I liked these. But I tried them after I had heaps of cake so i liked them less than I normally would have. Cheryl, however loved them.

^^ OMG PIRATE SHIP! I didn't actually eat this...I am unsure as to who did.

^^ This one was put on fire!

^^ The cake at the back is the cashew/chocolate cream pie which was ridiculously nommy! Teeny bit bitter but nothing a bit of agave or less intense dark choc couldn't solve - I think it should have won a prize.

^^ Mine is the black and white one.

^^ Me with my prize! (yes, i realise I am exceeding the lame-ness factor)


Ceri said...

WOW! Those cakes look absolutely amazing. Yours is so pretty - I love the pattern.

The colours of that rainbow cake is fabulous, and I wouldn't have wanted to touch the pirate cake - it looks too good to eat.

Amy K said...


Yeah I know it was painful to see such beautiful cakes destroyed! but delicious :)

And thanks.


I'm Philippa O said...

you're cake was gorgeous, i loved the actual cake component with its spicy flavours. your online shop is pretty awesome too - if you don't mind me asking how does bizness go?