Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cheesecake, Skins & iPhones

Hi all

Been a while since I posted. I don't really have anything to say. I have had a busy few weeks!

On a bad note, I have gained weight. I am eating too much dessert. But I just cannot help myself. Food is too delicious.

I made this Dark Chocolate Tart;

The tart I did quite like - but not as much as I would have if it were white chocolate, instead. I will try that next time, i think. The texture/consistency was spot on, though. And the raspberries added a nice touch.

So, what's new?

I recently ordered a cheesecake for Phil from a place called 'From Earth and Water' in Miami, Queensland. They are an organic, raw food dessert company. As much as I feel inclined to support vegan companies as there are just so few of us - let alone raw foodists - what do you do when the business owners are rude and childish? I found them so frustrating and unprofessional, I never want to deal with them again! Such a shame. The owner Nicki was indeed one of the most childish women I have ever met! Why? Well, as an exmaple, it states on their website they do I order a cheesecake (after trying to call over 30 times!!) and request delivery at exactly 9.09am. They deliver the cake 3 hours late, did not call me to notify or pick up any of my calls or return my messages. Once I finally get hold of her she claims 'I am not a delivery service and I made an exception!'. would think, a proper business owner would, in an event of being late a) call the customer, explaining the problem; b) offer compensation for the inconvenience e.g $x off the price c) not absolve responsibility by saying something silly like 'I am not a delivery service'....especially when on their website they claim to be! Not recommended at all!

H20 have launched a new Vegan Skincare Range. This is very exciting. Body cream, body oil, body mud! Mmmm, yes please!

For those who are fortunate to own an iPhone, I imagine the cost of it has left you going without food for months. If you are like me, you want to guard your iPhone with your life, so here is a cheap solution...'iPhone Recession Case'. Haw haw. I want one.

On a more serious note, I want to pose the question; how would you feel, as a vegan, going to the Royal Show? Would you even go? If you are not from Australia you may not be familiar with what it is - essentially, it is a carnival-like Agriculture show with rides, showbags, displays and amusements. Unfortunately, the animals ARE the amusements.

Actually, I will stop myself right there. Do you think that by referring to a non human as an animal, it perpetuates the idea that they are beneath us (in this given society)? Does referring to them as animal segregate us? Because quite frankly, we do not consider ourselves animals - we are (apparently) civilised human beings.

Having animal status is feral/stupid/uncivilised/dirty/beneath human status. I think it is similar to referring to non humans as mass such as pork, steak, veal etc, as it otherises them. E.g a common term used to describe someone in a negative way 'Omg you are SO feral', 'You dirty dog!', 'You are such an animal!'...

Anyway I am now off, thanks for reading my dribble.


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