Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why I dislike PETA

PETA bother me for two main reasons:

a) They promote 'happy' meat and a welfareist approach. I disagree with the notion of 'humane' exploitation. Exploitation on any level is unacceptable. It is like being against Pedophilia by only touching the child in less intimate places so it emotionally damages them less.

b) Turning a serious subject into a peep show is useless. It generates the wrong kind of attention. Meat & dairy production are at the highest rates that they have ever been, and numbers are growing in the US. Clearly PETA's campigns are not working. (Sure, some may have become vego from PETAs efforts...but im talking on a grand scale). PETA needs to learn to first show respect for humans. Carol J Adams mentions in her book "Pornography of Meat" how animal rights movements are corrodded by the attitudes of people who do not truly respect human beings. This is true, how do we expect to respect other species, when we dont even respect our own and portray them as meat itself? Campaigns embodying sexism cannot and do not lead to a shift in consciousness about speciesism. Subconsciously in ones mind the women being presented as meat in fact perpetuate the exploitation of animals. Many vegans and vegetarians i know say "oh yes but PETA do so much for the animals!! theyre not perfect and their campaigns get attention at least!". Sure, their ads get attention. But the wrong kind. Facts speak for themselves.

I am all about female empowerment through our sexulality, dont get me wrong - but the women in PETA ads are for the most part portrayed as vulnerable pieces of meat. The 'I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur' campaign is the best example...

I felt like blogging this now as i had been thinking about it today.

Anyway, it is 2.30am...bed time, I think!


David said...

Hello Amy, just came accross your wonderful blog (from Dan Cudahy's Unpopular Vegan Essays)! I too live in Melbourne and it is so refreshing to come accross a fellow abolitionist online so close to home (there are, as you know, so few of us)...

You raise some very good points in your blog...I had an epiphany on my thinking about non-human animals after reading Francione's work; it is so clear, consistent and rigorous, and makes the world of sense.

Were you involved with ARA or any other groups in WA before you moved to Melbourne? ARA seem to be the only abolitionist group in Australia. I read about some of the interesting workshops they are holding.
I don't think that the groups in Victoria at the moment are doing enough (or even approaching things the rights way) in terms of animal rights and vegan education.
I am sort of in the planning stages of setting up an abolitionist group in Melbourne, and I've had a few ideas that I am eager to share with anyone who is willing to listen :)

Cheers, David.

Amy K said...

Thank you for the comment, David.

Francione's work is ridiculously rational. There is no disputing his reasoning when looked at by a reasonable human being.

I know ARA - but was not directly involved with them. My friend Sarah Clement runs the workshops, I believe.

Here in Melbourne I am involved with Edgars Mission.

There is an abolitionist group here called 'Uproar' however, their and my methods of educating the public are very different. I like to do it Gandhi style ;)

I would be interested in being involved with your abolitionist group - and help out in any way I can.


Practical Vegan said...

Hello Amy, I live in the US and just found your blog! You mentioned in your bio that you love Cupcakes and coffee! If you make the cupcakes yourself, can I have your recipe??

Amy K said...


I will gladly supply you with Recipes. But, if youre interested in purchasing yourself a worthwhile investment, may I suggest 'Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World'.

Best book ever :)